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Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015, 10:51

magliette juventus 2015 Report- Almost Everything We Do to Avoid Germs is Useles

Cheerleader #file_links[E:\xrkeyword\1.txt,1,L] @@@maglia napoli camo fight Roundup: College Edition
D.C.'s Food Court
Cute Animal Alert
WASHINGTON (WNEW) If you re obsessively compulsive about using hand sanitizer, or you classify yourself as a germaphobe who avoids public surfaces at all costs, a new report might surprise you.
many of the things we do to keep ourselves from germs don t really work.
Here s the list of some common @@@maglie calcio 2014 inter things we do that don t often make a big difference:
Holding your breath after someone coughs or sneezes
Cough and sneeze particles @@@maglia azzurri euro 2012 travel fast and far into the air. Holding your breath isn t likely to @@@real madrid maglia rosa prevent anything @@@maglie nfl online italia from flying your way.
Toilet seat covers
Viruses and diseases don t spread easily once they re outside of warm human body. By the time you sit on the seat, it s very unlikely any of those harmful germs could infect @@@collezione guess maglie you. Even common microbes like E. coli would only make you sick if you touch your @@@magliette juventus 2015 hands to your eyes or mouth.
Avoiding public transit
Literally every surface in the world around you is covered in bacteria, reads the report. But that s okay. Public places are no more harmful than personal ones and there s even evidence that exposing yourself to everyday pathogens might be a good thing.
Grabbing door handles with @@@maglia calcio in vendita paper towels
Touching door handles isn t much different than shaking hands, but most of the bacteria found on those surfaces is @@@maglie squadre fifa 14 harmless.
This is actually one germaphobe tactic that is useful.
Research shows the least amount of bacteria is transferred by a fist bump, compared to a moderately strong handshake @@@t shirt du psg pas cher or a @@@numeri maglia da calcio firm handshake.
Using hand sanitizer
Hand sanitizer is mostly unnecessary, the report says, unless @@@maglie del milan storia you don t have access to soap and water after using the bathroom.
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